How It Works

1 Minute Loan makes accessing money at the hour of need quite easy for you. Loan application process here is very quick and safe. Personal information conveyed to us will be kept confidential. Loan services are offered here without imposing additional fees on the loan seeker. Our reliable lenders will contact you in no time to propose favorable loans to you. Kindly read the fine print of loan available before application. You cannot get a loan here without undergoing credit checks.

For your convenience the following sequence of events integrates working here:

  • Online Application:

Download the free online application form from the website of 1 Minute Loan. Feed relevant information on to the form so that lenders may face least difficulty to issue funds. Within few minutes you can complete the online form which should be submitted then.

  • Status of application:

After submission your application will straightway reach our decision engine where necessary verification will be done. We will conduct here stringent affordability and credit checks to decide whether or not to process your application. You will be notified accordingly via email or phone messages about current standing of your application. If processed successfully then you will be asked to provide additional information. On the flip side for rejected candidature no more interrogations will be followed.

  • Automatic transfer of funds:

For successful transfer of funds loan agreement should be signed between the borrowers and the loan provider. Go through every single detail furnished in the agreement that has been mailed to you. Granted loan sum will finally credit in to your checking account.

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